Get mobile ready

Having a site that is mobile friendly has a number of advantages. For your users to see and use your site on their phones is a huge plus when you are trying to portray you are a professional business. Over 80% of sites being viewed on mobile devices is your site is not readable your clients are more likely to leave the site and go onto the next one.

One good reasons why your site should be mobile ready, that Google do not tell you. When users do a search on Google on their mobile devices or tablets if your site is not mobile ready it will fall a lot farther down the rankings, if indeed it shows at all.

Google knows if you are searching on a mobile and will always try to present you with websites that you will able read on your mobile or tablet. If your sit does not conform to their standard they will not show it to mobile users. As you can imagine this would be a huge disadvantage since most users look for site while they are on the move.

To check if your website reachers Google’s standard for mobile users go to