Our understanding of strategy and new media enables us to develop web sites that go beyond the way a site looks,
or how the navigation is laid out. We draw on years of experience to create effective and compelling online user experiences.
This creates an easy to use, aesthetically pleasing and over all positive interactive environment for your audience.

Be Inspired

  • Inabitions

    This site had a very tight deadline and we managed to get it developed and live in just two weeks.

  • Pure Pawfection

    We developed this e-commerce site with a rotating banner that can easily be amended by the client to keep the site up to date with the latest additions and offers.

  • Mansour Bahrami

    Fame came to Bahrami over time to the extent that he has now played within all of the major tennis venues throughout the world

The work of developing a successful website was a pleasure thanks to the experience and intelligent advice I received.
Having littlebluefish create a website was the best business decision I ever made.

Randy, Randy Klein

I cannot recommend his service highly enough.  In a world where great customer service is often found to be lacking Little Blue Fish is a true exception to the rule.

Having a website designed by littlebluefish transformed my business as a professional artist. My market grew rapidly and the visibility of my artwork increased substantially.
Working with Andre helped me to focus on my aims and target a website which achieved all I could have wished for.

Randy, Randy Klein

Andre had perfectly interpreted my wishes and brief into a fantastic and smart looking website of which I am very proud; I have had many compliments too. Andre was efficient, and professional, and I am also happy to recommend him to anyone who asks for a good website designer.

I wanted to let you know that a customer called me yesterday and told me my website great and one of the best she had been to.

Sarah, McCann