Cookie law

The Cookie Law is a privacy legislation that requires all websites to seek consent from the user to retrieve and store some information on a computer, tablet or smartphone smartphone.
It was designed to protect the online privacy of the user, by making them aware of how information about them is collected and used online, and allow them to turn this feature off if they choose.

What is a cookie
Almost all website use cookie, these are small data files that store information in users web browsers. Cookies are used for a number of different thing such as auto-filling forms, counting visitors, storing shopping basket items, personalising content, targeting advertising, recording user preferences and for authentication and security.

Most of the information is deleted when the user leaves the site or page. No credit card or passwords are recorded.

The law is in place to make users aware that some website will store this data in your browser for a very long time recording the behavioural profile of the user. If you have ever searched for an item on one website and then seen adds all over the internet for the same item, that’s the cookies in your browser telling the page what adds to show.

How to comply
All website owners will have to have a cookie policy page on their site that informs the user what cookie are on the site, what they are used for and how long the information is stored in the users browser.

When a user visits the website there should be a pop up panel on the page warning the user that there are cookies in use with a link to the cookie policy page.

Help and advise on how to delete these cookies.