Clear Space

Here is a company that hire out homes for photo shoot. Many of their houses are owned and lived in by families. They rent to be the larger well maintained properties. They did not want the website looking like an estate agent but wanted it to have more of a Home and Garden magazine feel. We developed a model light site with a bright orange as an accent colour.

The client is also an interior designer and wanted to posting blogs about this in the future so we produces the site in WordPress. This also allows the client to upload and alter the properties when ever they like.

To help stop the site looking like an estate agent on the Properties page we made the property thumbnails variable sizes reflecting a magazine montage. When the mouse rolls over the name and location of the property appears. The properties can also be filtered to only view certain types. This feature adds animation to the site.

The whole site was also developed to resize automatically when using an iPhone or iPad. This is essential as a lot of the users will be photographers or designer, and they all have iPhones.

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