Business or Social Media?

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The last few years social networking has been just that, social. But in the past few months there is growing number of businesses that feel it is a good idea to invade this domain and bombard us with their products and services. I’m not saying it’s wrong to promote your business to your audience just be careful not be bite the hand that feeds you.

Social networks attract a large number of users because they are social. The time users feel cheated or exploited is when they will no longer user that network and look towards another one. Don’t feel you need to jump in with your adds or push your business as quickly as you can before the bubble bursts on Facebook or Twitter. You need to remember that users have a choice to unfollow or unlike you at a click of a button, and I’m sure we have all done that before now. So, how do you stop them doing that and still put your point across? First you need to treat Facebook, Twitter and your blog pages as completely different animals.

This is a very short term view of what someone is doing or thinking. We all know there are a lot of businesses using Twitter but most users expect it to be light heated banter and small talk. You will need to identify someone in your company, fairly high up, that will manage and post on twitter. The tweets should be mainly personal with a bit of business thrown in here and there.

To help push your business you could follow and reply to other businesses that do the same thing as you or with a related product or service. This way when you enter into a conversation with that company that is posted to your followers, don’t make these interactions too deep.

Adding your Twitter live feed to your website is a good way to encourage your site users to follow you on Twitter. If someone does follow you it is polite to follow them back. Also checkout who is following them and who they are following, if they send you a message or interact with you all your followers will see it. As you can see the more interactive you are the followers you are likely to get.

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